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Production Profiles

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What do you need? BPT can supply it.

Try putting us to the test: we’re masters of the entire spectrum of profiles and materials. In addition to endless profiles made of rubber, our product line includes plastic and magnetic profiles, as well as sheet materials and general technical products.

Our top products at a glance:

  • coextrudition multicolor Hard-PVC-Profil Hard-PVC-Profile
  • EPDM Trim profiles EPDM-Trim profiles
  • Magnetic tape / magnetic profiles Magnetic tape
  • coextrudition EPDM Rubber Profile Hollow-chamber profiles
  • Produkte Polycarbonatprofiles
  • Self-adhesive Foam rubber profile, Klebeband mit Gittergelege, gegen verfließen Foam rubber profile
  • Cell rubber strip Self-adhesive on side / EPDM-Cell-Rubber Cell rubber strip
  • EPDM-Profil, Lip profile EPDM-Lip-Profiles
  • EPDM Profil - Vollgummiprofil - Connecting Profile, Einsatz z.B. im Ladenbau, Thekenbau, Möbelbau Rubber profiles
  • EPDM Profil - full rubber - note profile EPDM Note profiles
  • EPDM Profil - full rubber - connecting profile Connecting profiles
  • Hart-PVC-Profil PVC Round profiles
  • Kunstoff-Magnet-Band einseitig selbstklebend mit Schaumklebeband Self-adhesive plastic magnetic tapes
  • Silikon Tube. Food-genuinly Food-genuinly silikon tubes / Silikon profiles
  • Soft-pvc-profil, coloriert grau, Selbsklebeausrüstung mit 700 grad heissverschweisst. Zur permanent Verklebung Permanent Self-adhesive Soft-PVC-Profiles
  • Coextrusion profiles with steel piping EPDM Coextrusion profiles with steel piping EPDM


  • Hard-PVC
  • Soft-PVC
  • EPDM/APTK (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer/Terpolymer)
  • NR (Natural Rubber)
  • SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber)
  • BR (Butadiene Rubber/Polybutadiene Rubber)
  • CR (Chloroprene Rubber/Bayprene)
  • NBR (High/Low Nitrile Butadiene Rubber/Perbunan)
  • MQ/PMQ/SI (Silicone)
  • FMK (Fluorocarbon/Viton)

We can provide microcellular rubber, foam rubber and solid rubber qualities, plus silicone foam.